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Jupiter Great Red Spot (animated GIF)


Peter Hill


Sunday 8th march saw a GRS transit on Jupiter at 20:21.
I was Late viewing this because a) I confused the 24 hr clock time, and b) once I got out the technical gremlins decided to play up so didn't take my first image until 20:12, however then imaged untill 21:40 taking an image about every 10 mins, using 200mm Newtonian on HEQ5 pro with celestron neximage5 camera, each time 600 frames at 25fps, keeping all settings same apart from tweaking focus and adjusting position on screen.
Processed in Registax 5 keeping same settings for wavelets and gamma curve, then tweaked , aligned and cropped to same size in Photoshop6.
10 images then combined in PaintshopPro 5 animation shop to produce the attached animated gif. Lots of room for improvement but not bad for first attempt, seeing was variable, particularly at first but improved as Jupiter got higher,  next attempt will be 90 mins either side of transit.

Pete H

JupiterGRS 080315
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