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Where's the Great Red Spot on Jupiter?

Roger Samworth



Nice night last night, albeit cold enough to give some discomfort to a brass monkey.

Had some trouble with some connectors while setting up, preventing the 'scope tracking properly, so didn't swap out the PD for the Toucam.

Anyway, here are some images of Jupiter, the first I have done this apparition.

There is a "long shot" including 3 of the moons, one with a X2 Barlow, and the 3rd is produced from this one with the planet rotated.

Where is the Great Red Spot? It was supposed to transit the meridian at 00:47, so it ought to be there!

I also imaged some DSOs and will post these when I have processed them.

Gave up at 01:30 as my discomfort was approaching that of the aforementioned monkey.


Jupiter 1_Samworth_060316
Jupiter 2_Samworth_060316
Jupiter 3_Samworth_060316
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