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Jupiter from friday night
Paul Bertenshaw

Hi from a complete novice,

As you may or may not know I tried my hand with a modded *webcam on Jupiter last Friday night for the very first time and have since tried processing same in Registax 5,1 (see attachment).

On the advice of Peter (Who helped me on the night and since) I watched YouTube vids of how to use Sharcap and Registax 5 (basics only so far!) and have improved the image a lot (by my standards anyway!)!
Attached are a screenshot from one of the three videos that I captured on the night,plus jpg and PNG versions of my finished images I'm sure that with experience I could improve on them, especially the colours!
However not bad for a first attempt! I think I may even have managed to capture Io and Europa close by?!

*Equipment used:
OOVX8L 8" f4 Newt on EQ6 Pro Synscan mount
MS VX-1000 modded Webcam with TV 2.2  Barlow
Dell Latidude D630 (refurbished) laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium




Screenshot 290416

JPG image:

Jupiter 29 04 16 Jpg

PNG Image:

Jupiter 29 04 16 PNG
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