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Peter Hill


Sky &Telescope listed the GRS transit at 21:07 (BST) , so set up and waited for darkness to fall, really must fit a telrad to the SCT, the finder is still aligned but you need to locate the target first, telrad makes it so easy! Once on Jupiter and tracking (sidereal rate) , 8mm Baader hyperion showed the bands and zones clearly and could just make out the GRS near the eastern limb.
Imaged with Neximage5 600 frame .avi at 15 fps., still awaiting the JMI electrical focuser, so hand focussed again, the night was deceptive, looked clear but atmosphere very turbulent, later runs showed dramatic dimming of image as high cloud passed over, first image above shows the best of the images taken, South is up and the GRS heading towards eastern limb.
Tried with x2 Barlow but as is normal in poor seeing it just magnified the turbulence.
Second image taken with a x0.5 focal reducer on neximage5, this put the two closest moons in shot, Ganymede and  Callisto were on the other side , with Callisto at it's furthest distance away, by 23:05 (BST) the GRS had just about disappeared.
Registax 5.1 used for stacking and wavelets, final processing in PS6
I then took the 70mm celestron refractor to the front of the house to view Mars and Saturn, these are too low to view from the back.
Easily located using the Rigel  quickfinder , I'd replaced the original finder with, Mars was very red and bright in the 10mm eyepiece, no obvious markings , apart from a hint of white at N pole, as roger reported Mars was displaying its least interesting face ( in terms of features)
Next Saturn, rings clearly visible and considering the turbulence encountered imaging Jupiter, remarkably still, finally onto Jupiter for a final view, the main belts visible and the 4 Galilean moons, I like this scope as a grab and go , easy to set up and find targets.
Then spent some time working out best position to try and image Mars / Saturn from, looks like it's under the car- port ,using the house wall to block out the nearest street light( or use an air rifle!), just depends on the weather!
Pete H.

Jupiter 270516
Jupiter and Moons 270516
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