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Io transit, shadow transit and GRS 26/02/15

Pete Hill


Have already posted observing report, as promised here are images, taken a while as have been away.
Images were taken with Celestron neximage5 cmos camera which is supported with imaging source software.200mm Newtonian on HeQ5 pro mount, electrical focusser.
All images taken as.avi video clip, ( between 600 to 1000 frames) processed in registax5 and finished in Photoshop6.
On the evening of the 26th feb  Io was transitting between 19:07 and 21:24
shadow transit 19:26 to 21:53
GRS transit at 22:15
1.  Io shadow clearly visible as black dot, to left of it is Io just distinguishable against the equatorial cloud band.
2. Io and shadow with x2barlow.
3.Io indistinguishable, but shadow still clear and GRS is beginning to move round. (S pole is up on all images) also x2 barlow
4.Composite image of Jupiter showing shadow transit, GRS and 3 moons, Io is still transiting. ( Europa, Callisto, Ganymede)
5.Io is just distinguishable on the left hand side of Jupiter, which looks like it's sprouting a pimple.(x2barlow)
6 & 7  Io leaves and clears Jupiter. (x2barlow)
8 GRS transit
9.Jupiter with GRS and the 4 Galilean moons (Europa, Io, Callisto, Ganymede)
 This is also a composite image, Just Jupiter imaged, the re-imaged to bring up moons , which blows out Jupiter, images then processed and combined in photoshop.
Pete Hill


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