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Jupiter & Moon 14/03/16

Peter Hill


Another clear evening on Monday so made the most of it didn't bother with alignment as main targets were Jupiter and the 5 day old moon.

Equipment = 8" Newtonian  on HEQ5pro, Neximage5 camera, illuminated graticule lens for centring image in eyepiece, Crayford locked into electric focuser.

Started at 19:15 with Jupiter, GRS had transited at 18:53, so would still be visible.
Recorded 600 frame .avi at 20fps with gain of 24 and exposure 1/45". Increased exposure to 1/25" to show moons closest to Jupiter, all 4 Gallilean moons were strung out on same side.
Set up to image with x2 Barlow lens, whoops the Crayford focuser started slipping, this made focusing any more images of Jupiter problematic and at the same time the computer decided to lose connection with camera, several times!!!!
Gave up and swung round to the waxing gibbous moon, focuser now horizontal so slippage less of problem.
Worked along terminator from N to S, plenty of craters, riles, ridges , mountains, lots of detail visible with the Hyperion zoom on 8 mm.
600 frame .avi's with exposure times of around 1/250", 20 fps. Tuesday was a full work day so packed away around 20:30.
All .avis were stacked and processed using Registax, wavelets 2 + 3, brightness and contrast,, gamma, hue and any colour alignment. version 6 for moon(spot alignment), version 5.1 for Jupiter (area alignment).
All composition, labelling, merging , final polish in Photoshop 6
Image 1 Jupiter shows some nice detail of turbulence in Southern Equatorial belt, as well as GRS. Blue colouration in Equatorial zone  indicates festoons.Image 2 Composite of Jupiter and two closest moons, Ganymede and Callisto were further out in that order.
Moon N.Pole Region. just to east of N.Pole. A= Arnold, K= Kane
Moon Taurus Mountains region.
Po =Posidonius, SR= Serpentine Ridge, MS= Mare  Serenitatis, Lr= Lister ridge,   Pl= Plinius and just to N of crater are Plinius Riles. Ejecta  visible around crater GM = Gardner megadome, possible shield volcano with caldera on top.TM= Taurus mountains   +=  Apollo 17 landing siyeTaurus- Littrow valley.
South Highlands:
V= Viacq, J = Janssen Rille.
Found the correct allen key yesterday (wed) and tweaked the adjustment on the Crayford, no more slippage.
Pete H.

jupiter0001 16-03-14 19-56-27
Npoleregion 140316
southhighlands 140316
TaurusMts 140316
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