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Tuesday 19/04/16

Observing & Imaging Jupiter & its moons

Peter Hill


Tuesday night Mercury was supposed to be at its highest in the evening sky at its eastern elongation, well about 12 deg elevation which is high for mercury. having checked the direction I reckoned I had a little window of opportunity to image Mercury, just after 8:50pm (BST) it was visible with binoculars (7x50), however there wasn't enough clear horizon, although it was in the finder, the SCT was picking up next doors' conservatory, will have to try and find a clear western horizon I can get the scope to before it gets too low, it never got naked eye visible.
Transferred HEQ5 mount and scope out of corner to middle of lawn, turned scope on to moon , first time I had observed the moon with the 9.25" SCT, with a 30mm plossl gave a bright, clear and very  sharp image of the moon, quite impressed, only a couple of days of full.
As the seeing was a lot more stable I had another go at imaging Jupiter, still with manual focus:
First image taken with neximage5 camera with x0.5 focal reducer, so as to get moons in , Ganymede however was at its furthest distance from Jupiter on the same side as Callisto so couldn't be included.
Second image just neximage5 camera in diagonal.
Images produced from .avi files of 600 frames, stacking and wavelets in Registax 5.1, final polish and combination of images photoshop CS6.
Still working so packed away about 10:30pm.
For those of you who use an SCT, what is your preference for finder??, straight through or right angle? Looking to change the small finder that came with SCT but undecided as to what type, any suggestions welcome.
Pete H.

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