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Jupiter & Various Galaxies

Roger Samworth



No moon at last!


A bit misty last night but the seeing was very good. Got a decent image of Jupiter.


Then went hunting faint fuzzies in Leo. Because it was misty the images aren't that good, and I had to work the processing a bit harder. Some nice groupings though, including another triplet in Leo!






Jupiter 17/3/2015
M95 17/3/2015
M96 18/3/2015
NGC3169 NGC3166 18/3/2015
NGC3226 NGC3227 18/3/2015
NGC3384 M105 NGC3389 17/3/2015


Jupiter 17-03-15
M95 17-03-15
M96 18-03-15
NGC3169 NGC3166 18-03-15
NGC3226 NGC3227 18-03-15
NGC3384 M105 NGC3389 17-03-15
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