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Jupiter, M81, M82, M67
Peter Hill

Tues night was forecast clear and so it appeared.
Went out at 9pm as it was getting dark, Venus brilliant in west and with binoculars (7 x 50) could just make out the plaiedes in the glare of Jupiter, Betelgeuse was very red in the low evening sky as Orion sank lower, can no longer see the belt, hidden behind roof tops.
Having set up 200mm Newtonian on HEQ5pro, went to Jupiter , not as clear as I was expecting and a degree of atmospherics at 8mm on Hyperion zoom (x 125), could just make out Ganymede as it transitted Jupiter. see Image 1 above. In imaging the poor quality of seeing was evident as well. Image taken with neximage 5 camera, with x2 Barlow, 10fps, 600 frames stacked and processed in Registax 5.1 and final processing in P.S.6
Then carried out 3 star alignment, Arcturus, Merak, Capella, to utilise goto.
First port of call M81 & M82 , near enough directly above better visibility than last Thursday, but again faint suggesting water vapour . Imaged both using the PD video camera, using a Bahtinov mask to aid focussing. Images above from 20 sec video , 556 frames stacked and processed in Registax 6 ( align on points rather than whole object like a planet, find R.6 better for processing these deep sky shots, the moon and sunspots and R.5 for planetary work) Final processing in P.S.6 see images above. Moving on it became clear that the fainter galaxies were again proving elusive with the level of water vapour in the air. Finally having checked the progress of Ganymede across Jupiter, went to M44, better seen in binocs and down to it's neighbour M67, the final image above.
Pete Hill

jupiter15-04-14 21-56-59

Jupiter (left)


M67 (below)


M81 (below)


M82 (below)

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