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iSpy - Free software for timelapse and motion detection

Ed Mann



I'm playing around with a new (free) piece of software I've just downloaded and it's really quite impressive. 

You can plug in any webcam (or multiple cams) and then set it to do the following things (my suggestions in brackets):-

1) Record video or snapshot if it detects motion anywhere in the picture (e.g. plane, ISS or meteor). It can concentrate just on certain areas of the screen (and ignore neighbour's cat/ security light/ bedroom light

2) Take timelapse video

3) Become a great security system

Here's a link:-

I've got my ZWO ASI174 connected to it , along with a 3MP USB camera with a 170 degree wide angle lens. I've got some pretty videos of the clouds but not much more as yet (British Summer !!!!). I can't wait to get it linked up to a scope and a night sky. Sunday is supposed to be good though

If anyone decides to have a play and wants some help, let me know as the user interface is quite complicated (and very powerful)




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