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First light for DMK41

Peter Hill


Solar Images

Having made various attempts to take solar images, particularly surface detail, the only way to go was a mono ccd camera.
Finally got the opportunity to have a good session on tues 12th.
Set up evostar 120 with Coronado PST piggybacked on it.
Slide.1 DMK with short barrel C thread adapter placed in PST eyepiece
Slide.2 whole set up next to  recently constructed dark box to put laptop in to cut out glare.
Slide.3 Electrical focusser mounted on PST sunshade with drive belt attachment to focussing knob.
Was pleasantly surprised how painless using the DMK41 was, quickly into focus and fine tunes using electrical focusser, only problem that had never been highlighted in my research, was yes, you get full solar disk , but you can only get the surface OR the prominences, not both!
Slide.4 Full solar disk with surface detail
Slide.5  Full solar disk with prominences.
Registax didn't like the .avi produced, so used AutoStakkert  to stack images , then saved as tiff to tweak wavelets in Registax. The two separate images then combined in photoshop CS6 and colourised to produce slide.6
Slide 7 Solar disk from  to compare with to show location of sunspot 2396.
Used DMK with  x2 barlow to get more detail on prominences, same procedure as before to produce images 8 and 9.
Then used DMK with Herschel wedge on evostar, needed to use baader Solar continuum filter to reduce intensity, has advabtage of picking out some of the surface  granulation, more detail0n sunspot 2396 in slides 10 and 11.
Bit of a trial and error session,had to sort out some serious dust bunnies on camera, cloud started to drift in disrupting imaging and sunspot was not best placed on edge of disc for imaging and the longer the session went on the more unstable the atmosphere became. Looking forward to another session, also to see how DMK performs on the moon, watch this space.

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