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Postcard from the West - - -

Roger Samworth


Finally! A clear night!
We are in a cottage near Axminster. The skies are very dark, and last night the Milky Way was spanning the sky wonderfully. I could see M31 with the naked eye, but not M33. It was really nice just "looking", but I eventually set up the PD with its 50mm lens to get some wide-angle views. It is often nice to get images with the object in its context rather than to try to get detailed images, so that is what I did. You can make out M32 and M110 in the M31 image, as well as a dust lane, and you can just about make out a spiral arm in M33. I always like to see M33 in that quadrilateral of stars. The nebulosity in the Pleiades is nice too.
I was very pleased with the image of the California nebula, as I had never even seen it before.

It is interesting that although these images are better than I can get from home, they are not that much better. I just shows what you can do with image processing, even if the site isn't that dark. Forecast isn't that bad. Might get the telescope out next!



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