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Drawings from Gran Canaria


Andrew and Rhys Thornett


The Thornett family left from Birmingham airport to the sunny destination of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands just off the north-western edge of continental Africa. The latitude of 27 degrees compared to my home location in Lichfield of 51 degrees. At this more southerly location, I was hoping to obtain spectacular observations of the region around Sagittarius and Scorpius. I packed a pair of 15x70 binoculars, tripod and spotting scope, and a pad and pencils, and took the opportunity to try my hand at drawing what I saw in the night sky.

The drawings from the trip can be seen below. Details of our observations, equipment, observing site and photos from the trip can be found by clicking here (PDF file).

Maps of Puerto Rico showing Altamar Hotel & observing location July 2015_Page_1
Maps of Puerto Rico showing Altamar Hotel & observing location July 2015_Page_2
Drawing lunar ray systems 300715c
Drawing M23 Open Cluster Puerto Rico 240715 (white on black)
Drawing of Ptolemys (Open) Cluster M7 Puerto Rico 240715b
Drawing of Sagitarrius DSOs seen in Puerto Rico 240715c (white on black)
Drawing of Saturn 010815b
Drawing of sky showing Saturn and Moon 240715b
Drawing part lunar terminator 300715
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