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Drawings 19-20/12/2014

Roger Samworth


Brilliantly clear night last night, BUT very windy, at least where I live. So, there was no prospect of my mount being steady enough to do any imaging with the PD camera with exposures of any length.

I therefore decided to resort to the old-fashioned eyeball.

I got out the Revelation 12" Dob that I bought in the summer that I hadn't in fact used, such has been the lure of the PD. It was therefore more-or-less first light for the reflector, and was a treat.

Since it was first light, I re-visited some old favourites, and a page from my notebook with a few sketches is attached. I couldn't resist fiddling a bit with the sketches in GIMP, but I resisted the temptation to do much beyond a bit of tidying-up and inverting the grey-scale. After all, they are only fairly amateur-ish sketches! These are also attached.

I'm not sure that I would have bought the dob had I discovered the PD camera first, but there remains something satisfying about looking and sketching without ANY artificial aids, including the GO TO!


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