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Cocoon Nebula


Roger Samworth

Cocoon - another go


You might remember a couple of days ago when I posted the Cocoon nebula image, that i said it was a bit of a processing challenge. Anyway, I was sufficiently gratified to get anything at all when you look at the raw frames, that I decided to have another go at processing it.

You can see stacking artefacts on my posted image, largely due to the fact that although my SCT is driven, it is on an alt-az mount, and that gives rise to image rotation, especially when the target is near the zenith.

With a bit of care, Registax 5 will sort this out.

So I re-stacked it, and then used all the gizmos in GIMP that I have learned to use (so far!).

The result is below.

As I keep stressing, this is NOT the Damian/Geoff/Ansel Adams school of photography - more the box Brownie sort!

BUT - It is fun!


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