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Broomstick Nebula (part of Veil in Cygnus)


Geoff Dryland


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I saw Damien's image of the Veil Nebula and I thought I'd send in the bit of it that was missing (the broomstick).

After all the problems I've had ( laptop down twice and repaired, three cameras down, two returned to manufacturer the third is with Julian who also sorted out the electronics on the mount) I finally got all together and working!!

This is taken with the Atik 314L+ and the hybrid Atik 4000 doing the guiding.

It's a total of 55 minutes (3x600secs + 5x300secs) in each Ha, O3 and S2.

Stacked in DSS then FITS Liberator and finally CS5.

I've made it in the Hubble palette.

Hope to get more images to improve picture in the near future.



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