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Astrophotography log

05 October 2014 13:39



...Was 'clear', sort of!


Did anyone get out last night as well?


I decided it was time to venture out again with the imaging gear, despite there being a huge moon and hign cloud/moisture to contend with (finished faffing around 3), so it can't have been all that bad!


Amazingly, the guiding played ball for a change and I only discarded a few subs - explain that!!??


Due to the prevailing conditions (on top of my local light pollution), I stayed with Ha (Hydrogen Alpha - Baader 7nm filter) for the evening...


I got a few late in the season subs of the North America Neb (NGC 7000) to add to the single (!) test one from last year. I'm not impressed by the composition, but will probably add to the RAG presentation. When I try this one again, I'll have to shift the framing, but not bad for a start to the night considering it was done between watching Dr Who with Julie!


The main target was the PackMan Neb (NGC 281) in Cassiopeia that lies about 10,000 Ly away and what I observed in binoculars down in Wales in August (well, the star cluster within). I think I have about 14 decent 10 minute subs on this, so something to play with. If it's good enough, I'll move on to some OIII (Oxygen III) and SII (Sulphur II) next so that I can build a 'false colour' image in PhotoShop.


To finish off with I did a test run to see if I could fit the Flaming Star Neb (IC 405) and the Tadpoles Neb (IC 410) in Auriga into the same field - it does at a push, but I think it looks a bit cramped.... I could do better with the framing, but I'm stiff undecided. I will probably process the three frames and see what I think then - another to add to the growing presentation!


Clear skies,



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