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Astrophotography Log


Andy Mac


Following Damian’s astrophotography log entry for 4-5/10/14, I also got out on the 4th and thought I would try to get some guided images of ngc 7000 and m31. I lined up the shot of ngc7000 with my canon 5d on my 200mm f4 and then changed to my Atik 314L. Set up for 3 min exposures and left it running for nearly an hour as I had a cup of tea and watched some telly indoors.

Came back outside to find I hadn't set the autosave on my capture program, !!!! What a waste of time. I decided to move on to M31 and try again. This was when the autoguiding decided it was going to go haywire. Almost every sub had double images or just trailing stars.

Graphing the log from PHD showed RA was now where near from the start and Dec was ok for 100 seconds then started flipping from plus to minus and never getting anywhere near the center line again. Not figured it out yet and need some clear nights to analyse and try different settings on my mount and in phd. Might just have been the guide scope dewing over but not sure yet. Previous nights have been getting 5 mins no problem but it was warmer last time out, so might need to get the files out for the cheap dew controller system.

See you all on Saturday 11/10/14 at Rosliston Forestry Centre’s Science Day!

Andy Mac


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