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Andromeda Galaxy and PHD2

Ken Critchon



The first image below is a single image of M31 and the second a stacked photo of all seven images I took (sub-frames they are called). Unfortunately, I am limited to 1 min exposures at the moment until i get PHD software working but then I’m hoping to do a mixture of exposures between 2 min and 10 min to get better detail. Quite pleased considering it’s my first M31.

I have been very frustrated with PHD2 software and was hoping anyone living local with any experience of this would be willing to help out?  I am imaging with a Takahashi FSQ and have it piggyback on top of an 11" Celestron Edge-HD telescope which I am using as the guide scope with focal reducer (using the Tak for guiding if imaging with Edge-HD). My guide camera is a cooled ZWO 174asi camera and imaging camera a Canon 6D DSLR. I did ask on many forums before i tried guiding with the long focal length and to my surprise many people were already doing this with exceptional results (the software compensates for the pixel size and focal length). My problem is PHD software always stops guiding after a short period due to poor calibration. I have tried what seems like everything with no success and asked on many forums. Of course it would be so much easier if anyone local has some practical experience and wouldn't mind lending a hand?? I live on the outskirts of Tamworth.


Single frame of M31 (below):

Single image Andomeda Galaxy 120116

Stacked seven frames of M31 (below):

Andromeda Galaxy stacked 7 images 120116
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