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Observing and Imaging

Sunday 26 April:

Part 2 Journey along the Terminator

Peter Hill


continuing ........
First observed with Hyperion zoom along moons terminator, according to moon atlas ephemeris we were on 8.01 days lunation but reference to "Discover the Moon" (J.Lacroux & C. Legrand) suggested more day 7 in terms of what was on view and some objects were difficult to discern with very low angle of illumination.
All images correct way up as if looking through binoculars.
Slide.1 a 7 image mosaic of the Northern Mountain Ranges of Moon. Working down form Northern crater field to Mare Frigoris , then the Alps Mountains, with the slash of the Alpine Valley, bordering Mare Imbrium. Mt.Piton  can be seen in isolation , side lit by the sun. To the right Cassini crater, and then the Caucasus Mts. that bound Mare Serenitatis on the far right , after the gap the Appenine Mts., craters Aristillus and Autocylus opposite gap, on the far right Archimedes is in shadow with sun illuminating just one edge of crater.
Slide.2  Appenine Mountains showing Apollo 15 landing site (+) the Hadley rille (HR) and Fresnel rille (F) Mt Hadley (H) and Mt Bradley(B)
Slide.3 2 frame mosaic of Hyginus and Triesnecker Rilles, Slide 4 shows detail, Hyginus(H) thought to be a Volcanic crater with rilles running through it. Tiesnecker crater (T) with a network of rilles  We have travelled from the Appenine mts to Mare Vaporum (MV) and down to Sinus Medii. (SM)
Slide.5 Close up using x2 barlow on Theophillus and its central mountain peaks . ( Not exactly on terminator, got distracted)
Slide 6  2 slide mosaic, back on the terminator and Ptolemaeus, Alphonus and Arzachel
Slide.7 2 slide mosaic of Southern Uplands, heavily cratered Schomberger just visible towards bottom, look for elongated feature near middle of pic, Heraclitus, possibly formed by low angle impact.
All images taken with celestron neximage5 camera on 200mm Newtonian tracking on HEQ5 pro mount. x2 barlow used for slide 10 only. 60 sec videos at 10 fps 1/50s exposure. Best 200 frames stacked in Registax6, images processed and merged into mosaics in P.S.6

As it approached 01:00am the battery on laptop was beeping and tried to complete images of terminator, unfortunately not enough overlap to continue the run from the first seven frames, next time will have to dedicate the full session to this. The seemed to be ok but using x2 barlow accentuated the atmospheric turbulence there was , so image of Theophillus not as clear as I would have liked.

Pete H.

Hyginus and Triesnecker Rilles


Moon 0006


Moon 0008


Moon 0010


Northern Mountains




Southern Uplands

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