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Observing and Imaging

Sunday 26 April 2015 Part 1

Peter Hill


I made the most of last Sunday evening, lots of imaging, plus lots of processing!!! as well as sorting out meteor data.
9:00 pm viewed Venus through binoculars , then with Hyperion zoom on 200m Newtonian on HeQ5pro mount, still gibbous, approaching half. Used ND filter to cut down glare.
9:15 moved scope onto Jupiter, sidereal tracking engaged, cloud bands clearly visible but nearness of moon subdued any detail, no GRS or transits. Moons paired up either side Io and Europa close together on one side Calisto and Ganymede on the other side a further distance away.  Imaged Jupiter using Celestron Neximage5 camera.
Image 1 above camera only 10fps at 1/25s for 60s 600 frames stacked in Registax6 and finished in P.S.6
Image 2 composite of 1000 frames each of 10fps at 1/15s for moons and 10fps at 1/25s for Jupiter, frames stacked in Registax and finished and combined inP.S.6  Io is furthest from Jupiter Europa closest. Callisto and Ganymede too far away from Jupiter to fit in frame with planet.
Frame.3 Neximage5 and x2 Barlow 600 frames at 10fps a1/21s exposure stacked in Registax6 and processed in P.S.6
the glare from the moon becoming more evident, not as much detail as on previous occasions.
Using Telrad  sighted off Alkaid in U.Major and using finder scope / telrad tweaked onto M51.
10:15 pm Swapped to PD video camera and centered image and used Bahtinov mask to tweak focus and adjusted senseup to x512, any higher was too much with moon in close proximity, less made it difficult to see image , really needed something in between 512 and  256. took some snapshots as well as videos.
Frame 4 above shows M51 after a 20 sec video (approx. 600 frames) then stacked in Registax 6. and processed in P.S.6.
As Nick said in his report, earlier this week,  there is a lot to see on the moon and even familiar sites always look slightly different as you will be viewing under different illumination, so at approx. 11pm turned the scope to the moon........see part.2
Pete H.

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