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Observing and imaging over April/May


Kenneth Crichton


Below are a couple of basic photos I’ve taken over the month of April/May. The first gives us a good view of Mare Crisium on the moon using an 11" edge HD SCT with a focal reducer and captured with a cannon D70. The second is without the focal reducer and the Tycho crater is almost center of picture. The third is a view of Jupiter using a 2.5x Luminos Barlow lens. All pictures are single exposures.

I’ve tried switching the camera to video mode in cropped view so in effect using as a webcam at 25 fps. I then took a 1 minute video of the red spot on Saturday evening which gave me a good video for stacking on Registax. After watching a few tutorials on youtube i tried to stack my video of Jupiter. Although the resulting picture is good i found that whenever i tried to adjust the wavelet the planet becomes pixelated around the edges. I'm very surprised by this as most people on the tutorials seem to add great detail to the picture using this method. Which leads to the conclusion, am I doing something wrong? Has anyone had this experience?

Cheers Ken

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