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Roger Samworth



At last!

Managed to locate NGC 6946. It straddles the Cepheus/Cygnus boundary.

I then looked for NGC 147 & NGC 185. Both are dwarf galaxies and companions to M31. Couldn't find NGC 147, but I did manage to image NGC 185.

I see from my notebook that I have managed to visually see and sketch all the above 3 some years ago, but I was struggling last night. Must be getting old.

The breeze was then increasing that made imaging tricky due to the difficulty in keeping the tripod stable, so I reverted to the PD with a 50mm lens on a photo tripod. The attached image of M45 was done in this way. The stars are over-exposed in an attempt to image the nebulosity.

I have also attached today's image of the sun (from the window-sill observatory). Not much going on on the sun at the moment, but there are a couple of small spots.


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